The fourth issue of Virtus magazine is dedicated to a subject as fascinating as it is apparently far from the world of fashion: superstition. Superstition is a vast and contradictory world that reminds us of our fragility and fear and this number of Virtus has managed to grasp the pop and contemporary side while moving between nostalgia and tradition. 

The focus of my editorial was on the perception of "tattoo", which for centuries seems could not coexist with the term “religion”, but before the Christian religion became official, it was common among the faithful to tattoo spiritual icons in order to renew their devotion.

Virtus Magazine Issue 04 — Lo scugnizzo.

Photography: Silvia Pisani - Editing: Alberto Salmaso

Editor in chief: Nicola Ievola - Art & Casting Director: Noemi Vanda Bruni

Editorial Coordinator: Lucrezia Sgualdino - Fashion Coordinator: Alice Tresoldi

Fashion: Denise Benevelli, Lorenzo Nicoletti, Matilde De Nobili, Simone Scarico, Sofia Malerbi

Make-up & hair: Matteo Bonini - Model: Valentyn Boiko / The Claw models


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